Product Package

Innovative water storage and wastewater treatment tanks of Sinvadlom Co.,Ltd. have been provided to satisfy customer demand.

     We have designed and distributed Underground water storage tanks, grease traps and septic tanks of various types according to the usage and needs of customers. Produced with high quality Polyethylene and Fiber Reinforced Plastic, certified by TISI 435-2548 standard. The material is durable, allowing the tank to not leak Long service life Also being highly resistant to corrosion and chemicals As well as being lightweight and convenient to install There are many styles to choose from. With various shapes and sizes as per the usage requirements. In addition, design and consulting services Installation service and after-sales service And delivery nationwide


Technical Accessory

    Dealer, remember the water pump unit, water pump equipment water aerator, air pump, vacuum pump, centrifugal water pump high pressure injection pump, infusion pump, fire pump and motor variety of brands including the control cabinet valves and other equipment with consulting services installed and repaired by a team of experienced technicians and engineers.