Technical Equipment

    Dealer, remember the water pump unit, water pump equipment water aerator, air pump, vacuum pump, centrifugal water pump high pressure injection pump, infusion pump, fire pump and motor variety of brands including the control cabinet valves and other equipment with consulting services installed and repaired by a team of experienced technicians and engineers.

Air Blower / Roots Blower


Water Pump





• ABS plastic tank cover : Easy to maintain Good impact resistance.
• PP.Co-Polymer cover : Bucket lid Impact resistant and not easily deformed.
• Cast iron tank cover : Strong, durable, can support high weight.
• Flex pipes are flexible : Easy to install.
• Bubble Diffuser : Air nozzles with up to 5,000 air holes.
• Diaphram aeration pump : Works continuously with efficiency
• Three Lobe Rotary aeration pump : Is easy to maintain and highly durable.
• Submersible Ejector pump : Is suitable for remote air delivery, easy to install.
• Submersible Aerator pump : Is efficient in distributing air evenly.
• Submersible Pump : Is very effective in sucking sediment.
• Seed : Increase the efficiency and use to accelerate the reaction of waste treatment
• Cross flow media : With a high adhesion of 110-240 Sq.m./Cum microfiber surface. Made from quality PE.
• Pall ring media : Has a surface area for adhesion by 102 Sq.m./Cum made from quality PE.
• Float Valve : Controls the amount of water in the tank.
• Control Cabinet : Is used to control the operation of air pump, sewage pump to work in the desired period.